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Artykuły » Articles in English » GUILT MACHINE / AYREON - Arjen Lucassen (interview)
GUILT MACHINE / AYREON - Arjen Lucassen (interview)
Ayreon's mastermind - Arjen Lucassen has created a brand new project - Guilt Machine. There are some tracks published at Myspace profile, so we can expect great album…
Arjen agreed to answer some questions regarding Guilt Machine… so, feel free to read the interview below…

Guilt Machine’s album hasn't been released yet.
Can we expect another concept album?

Concept, yes. Storyline, no.

What is the main theme of the album "On ths Perfect Day"?

Very different from the usual sci-fi of Ayreon! Rather than the explicit storyline you would expect in an Ayreon release, the songs of Guilt Machine revolve around a central theme: Instead of looking outward into a world of fantasy or science fiction, the songs look inward, exploring the destructive psychology of guilt, regret and the darkest form of secret - the secrets we hide from ourselves.

I've heard some lines in diferent languages on Guilt Machine's tracks (including Polish). What are the origins of this idea?

We wanted to involve the fans in this project, so we asked them to send in very personal messages in their own language. We worked them into the music, I think it adds a lot to the whole ambience.

Why did you decide to hire just one vocalist?

I feel that there were too many guest musicians on my last Ayreon album 01011001. There simply wasn't enough space on the album to explore their talents. Every album I make is a reaction to the one before. This time it was a real challenge to work with just one singer.

How did you team up with Jasper Steverlink?

A fan gave me the tip to check out Jasper of the band Arid. I saw them live and I was completely convinced that he was the band for the job. He was able to portray all the different emotions; from dark and heavy to atmospheric and melancholic

Did you consider him as a vocalist of Guilt Machine when he appeared on a new track on the Ayreon's Timeline album?

Yes, definitely. I think it was a sort of try-out for both of us. A successful try-out I must add!

In Guilt Machine's music we can find your unique style and sound.
Why did you decide to release it under new band's name, not as a new Ayreon album?

To call it Ayreon would create wrong expectations. Because Ayreon has many more different musical styles, and this album is much more consistent. Also there is no ongoing story-line and no millions of guest musicians :-)

When did you compose the songs at "On this perfect day"?
Are they all new tunes/compositions or mabye some themes were composed during Ayreon's sessions?

During the writing and recording of the last Ayreon album 01 I was quite depressed and I didn't have much inspiration. After the album was released I met Lori and started feeling a lot better. The inspiration came back and songs almost started to write themselves. There was no pressure at all.

Can we expect to see Guilt Machine touring?
If so, can we expect you to play Stream of Passion and Ayreon's tracks live, or maybe GM's only?

I have no plans to tour. It's just not my passion anymore. Besides that playing live takes up a lot of time. I much rather spend my time creating new music.

Lately Inside Out has been your label, what made you decide to move to Mascott Records?

Because it's a new project with new music and new musicians I thought it would be fitting to also work with a new record company. And the people at Mascot just felt right.

Do you think, Ayreon's compilation album - Timeline was a good idea?
Do you think these tracks sound good on their own, taken out from the concept albums?

Yes, I worked very hard to keep a natural flow. Because the storyline is now completed it made sense. I could even write an ending to the story and explain it in the form a the new song The Memory Remains.

What will be your next step? Are you planning next albums?

I may do a heavy album after this, maybe a Star One. I would also like to do a solo album with more atmospheric music. Maybe both?

Are you gonna compose next Guilt Machine album in the future?

I would love to! It would depend on the reactions to this album I guess.

I know you are envious a little bit of Tobias Sammet, that he invited Alice Cooper on Scarecrow album.

Yes, I hate him :-)

Who would you like to invite in the future... what does your wish list look like?

I'm not planning another Ayreon, so for the time being I have no wish list. I do keep my ears wide open though!

Did you have a situation when you invited an artist to cooperatation and he/she refused?

Oh yes. Mostly people outside the realm of metal and prog. My music is just too weird for them!

I found out that you cooperated with Polish flutist - Ewa Albering.

Indeed, she's great.

Do you know, any other Polish musicians?
Do you know any Polish bands?

Well, of course I know Riverside, great band. A great promise for the future of progressive music.

Thank you very much, for your time.
And I leave the floor to you.
What do you want to say to your fans in Poland?

I think that the open-minded people who like Ayreon will like Guilt Machine as well. Because the music of Guilt Machine has some of the typical Ayreon characteristics, only it is more consistent and indeed darker and more modern. I also think that those people who had problems with the sci-fi concept and the many styles and guest musicians on Ayreon should give this album a chance. They might just like this album from the cheesy Dutchman!

To the Polish fans: Pozdrawiam!

Questions: Piotr Spyra