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• H.E.A.T. - Into The Great Unknown

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• COCHISE - Chorzów
• ANATHEMA - Warszawa
• KABAT - Trzyniec
• PRISTINE - Chorzów
• PROCOL HARUM - Katowice
• SEATTLE NIGHT V - Warszawa

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Artykuły » Articles in English » Ray Wilson (Interview)
Ray Wilson (Interview)
How did your adventure with music start? I know that your father loved Bob Dylan and Neil Young and your mother was a fan of Frank Sinatra and Neil Sedake. Did your parents influence in any way your decision to became a musician?

Yes, very much. Most of my family played an instrument or sang and this definitely rubbed off on me. The house was always singing with music and my High school was also very pro active with music, of many different styles. I guess it was inevitable that I would end up with this career.

Being a musician must be a tough job to do but surely it has its good points as well. What are they?

I love the unpredictability of my life. I don’t like the business side of things, so much, but I do love the shows, the writing and the fans. I just feel blessed that I am able to live this life. Things do get very stressful sometimes, but that is life for everyone. I just love my life in music.

How do you feel better as a heavy rockman or maybe performing gentle, atmospheric ballads?

When I was a teenager I loved heavy rock and the older I get, the more I start to enjoy the singer/songwriter side of things. The shows include all sides of my musical tastes and I firmly believe many people like the variety in music and styles. I would get bored having to play the same thing over and over, hence the reason I have had so much variety in my career.

Was it very difficult for you to move from Scotland to Poland?

Not at all. I thought it would be, but it just wasn’t. I feel very much at home with Polish people and I enjoy Poznan. I guess if Gosia went to live on the moon, I would follow her.

How is your life in Poland different from that in Scotland?

There isn’t a huge difference really. I still tour for 1 third of the year, I still visit my home in Edinburgh and I still keep in touch with friends. It’s a good feeling going back to Poznan after tours. I guess that says a lot.

What do you like about Ponznan and what do you think about the people there. Have you heard that they are outcasts from Scotland for being very mean..;) Have you heard any of that sort?

Yes I have heard this, but in my experience of life, it’s the people with the most money who are the most mean and Polish and Scottish people are mostly working people and not mean at all.

I’ve heard that you are working on your Polish. How is it going?


What do you think about Polish fans? You’ve got a lot of them here judging by the number of people showing up at your concerts, how do you see that?

It seems to be getting busier all the time and I am very happy about this. Polish fans are the best, I’ve said this many times before.

Do you listen to Polish music? What are your favourite Polish bands?

I hear the music Gosia plays, mostly. Not sure I have a favorite? But there is a lot of good music in Poland. I did a gig with Perfect the other day. Great Band.

Have any of the songs included on „Propagande Man” been inspired by Poland? We are here in Poland quite familiar with the concept of propaganda…

Yes, the last 2 songs. More Propaganda and On The Other Side.
I know Poland has had it’s share of Propaganda and you will know more than most that it is destructive, pointless and wrong.

Two tracks from your last album have been recorded in Poznan. How is your cooperation with MM studio going?

I haven’t been back there since, but I enjoyed working in the studio. Very professional.

„Propaganda Man” was supposed to be sold just at concerts and via Internet but it is available now in Media Markt chain. Why did you change your mind?

I followed the same process with the Stiltskin CD She. I release at gigs and through my website and then 6 or 9 months later, put it into the shops. Some people don’t like to buy online and can’t make it to gigs, that’s the reason I do this.

Are you planning to release a DVD with your concerts? It would be a great present for your fans.

Yes. It will be called Upon My Life and I want it to include everything from the last 20 years. I just need to get the money together to do it the way I’d like to. I also want many people I have worked with over the years, to be interviewed and this will take time.

And a final question – what would you like to say to your Polish fans?

Thanks for the love and support you’ve given me. I am very grateful for this.

Do Uslyszenia.

Questions: Irek Dudziński
Translation: Gosia Michalska