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Artykuły » Articles in English » ASHENT - Gianpaolo Falanga (interview)
ASHENT - Gianpaolo Falanga (interview)
Your new album has been released about half a year ago. How did the promotion look like during these months?

The promotion is going very well, Lion Music is the best label for Ashent and all the people who workthere are very professional.
The response of the critics has been really good: Deconstructive is receiving high ratings and the interest about the band is growing every day, and we can check this trend also verifying the visits on our new official website and on our Myspace's profile.
For a relative young band like Ashent is really fantastic to feel so much appreciation.

Are you happy with the sales figures?
Or mabye you're planning any action to make things better...

The first sale's report has been really positive and I hope that things could proceed in this direction for long time. Deconstructive was released on March the 20th and after only 10 days it gained the third position in the sales ranking of Lion Music's bands: this chart considers a period of 6 months (since October 2008 until the end of March 2009) and it's great to consider to be there only after 10 days.

What are your personal favourities on the album?

I am bound in a different way with every song of Deconstructive: the composition process has been very complex, and each tune reminds me about a certain situation.
If I should say a title, certainly I can say Imperfect, our first single, a song that I love to listen to also after months. I love in a particular way also Spectral vanity: I think that in this song there is a good summary of what I can define the Ashent's sound, because there is impact and aggressiveness, but also melody and an intricate harmony's research. Certainly I cannot forget “Starlinked innerness” and “How Could it feel like this”, the most experimental episodes. It's funny to see people's faces when they listen to the first time “How could it feel like this”, an acoustic ballad with a very groovy drum pattern that blends with a seventies bass lick, some electronic loops and an accordion intro, definitely an uncommon song for a prog-metal band.

Some tracks from your debut album can be heard at Myspace profile. Is it possible to reach also your first EP?

The 4 songs included in "Ashent", our first demo, have been included (re-recorded and a little re-arranged) in the debut, "Flaws of elation". I'm talking about Anaemic Ardency, Awakened's Transition, Fallen Angel and Eden.
The line-up that recorded the demo was for a half different from the Flaws of elation's line-up, so the old versions had different solos, drum's fills and, last but not least, a different singer. During that period (2003-2004), there was a lot of interest about the band and to be honest, still now, a lot of guys write to us remembering our first demo. Maybe, in the future, we could release it as bonus material or something similar.

Your EP got a lot of good reviews. So what was the reason of change in the lineup?

As I said, from "Ashent" to "Flaws of elation", we changed the line-up: Max Zhena has been replaced by Steve Brawn, J.C by Davide Buso and Thomas Giro by Cristiano Bergamo. When a split happens there are a lot of reasons, but in our case it happened in a friendly way without personal problems: simply, the former members had too much day-job and familiar problems and it was impossible for them to follow properly a band like Ashent.
For the same reason Paolo Torresani, after 7 years in the band, left the band after the recording session of Deconstructive.Now he's replaced by Gilles Boscolo.
I am still in touch with all the guys who played with us: we are still good friends.

How did evolution of your music look like from the very beginning in your point of view?

The band was formed in 2001, 8 years ago, and if you think that now I am 27 years old, you can imagine how inexperienced I was at the beginning.
When me and my brother Onofrio decided to create the band, we had a very clear vision about what we wanted to do with Ashent: our goal has always been to write songs that people could remember, we have never been interested to follow some stylistic dogmas or a famous band.
We have always tried to create personal music since the first days.
I don't reject our previous works, but certainly with Deconstructive we did a step closer to our goal, and this is what we want to do with our future music.

Your're the next Italian band beside Eldritch, which has American singer in it's lineup...
BTW does he live in Italy?

Steve now lives in the U.S., but fortunately with the modern technology nothing is impossible: emails, instant messanger and mp3s allow us to stay in constant contact. In any case, he comes to Italy everytime we need.

I think it's much easier for you to write the lyrics with native English speaker...
What are your lyrics about. Are they important for you?

The lyrics have always been important for us and to have a native speaker in the band helps a lot, but Steve isn't the only lyrics writer: for instance, Onofrio wrote all the Flaws of elation's lyrics and lyrics of 4 songs on Deconstructive; Davide wrote the Starlinked-innerness's lyrics and in general everyone of us likes to say something through the words as well as through music. The lyrics's composition process is luckily less complex than the music's creation, but for us it is very important.
Often there is a tendency to underestimate the importance of the words in the metal music, maybe cause a lot of bands develop only abused themes.
We are probably perfectionists and every details is important, form the lyrics to the production: everything that is related to the Ashent's world has the priority.
Also the booklet, for example, has been created exalting every detail: when a guy spends his money to buy our cd, I want to think about him completely satisfied, because it is the same necessity of mine when I buy a disc.

How have your concerts looked like lately? Are you playing only new track or mabye some older tunes also?

During our shows we usually play songs taken from Flaws of elation and from Deconstructive. The most important thing is to share energy: people must be invested by a wall of sound and to enjoy a nice evening.

Are you going to play concerts outside Italy? Is there a chance to see you in Eastern Europe?

We are trying to organize our live activity in order to bring our music to more people possible, and the East Europe is one of our priorities.
Besides I am very bound to Poland cause it's the country of two bands that I love: Riverside and Behemoth, two fundamental bands in the modern metal scene.
What are your future plans?

Certainly the most important thing now is to play live as much as possible.
We wish that people could discover also our "on stage" side: we like to offer a vigorous show and often people are surprised by our performance just because they do not expect a show so full of energy from a prog band but, to be honest, it could not be otherwise. When I go to see a show I want to feel vibrations through my body, and this is what I want for the guys who spend their time with Ashent.

Have you started writing a new material, or mabye is it much too early to think about it?

We are already composing the material that will be in the third album, because generally our composing process never stops: until now, the new stuff is really interesting.
I am satisfied of Flaws of elation and Deconstructive: surely we can perceive a great step between these two albums and now we want to do another step with our next album, producing something really special. In any case, our present is called Deconstructive, an album that I love.

What do you want to say as an outro to the fans of your music in Poland?

First of all thank you for your support, for us it is very important. I want to say to all the polish guys to support Ashent and all the young bands. I want to see you at our gigs and make noise together, I hope as soon as possible. By the way you can still keep in touch with us through our website at www.ashent.net or through the official Myspace page at www.myspace.com/ashentband. Stay Metal.

Questions: Piotr Spyra