KING! AUTOBIOGRAFIA - Staszczyk, Księżyk

OZZY OSBOURNE - Ordinary Man

OZZY OSBOURNE - Ordinary Man

BLIND EGO - Preaching To The Choir

SBB - Follow My Dream

BESIDES - Bystanders

GREEN DAY - Father of All Motherfuckers


THY DISEASE - Transhumanism

SOSNOWSKI – The Hand Luggage Studio

HALFORD - Resurrection

YENISEI - The Last Cruise

ORGANIC NOISES - Organic Noises

ATERRA - Utopia

ANNIHILATOR - Ballistic, Sadistic



NO SEASON - Highwires



MANIFEST - ...and For This We Should Be Damned?



SLIPKNOT - We Are Not Your Kind


SLIPKNOT - .5: The Gray Chapter

BABYMETAL - Metal Galaxy

CRAYON PHASE - Two Hundred Pages

CROBOT - Motherbrain

TWILIGHT FORCE - Dawn Of The Dragonstar

Artykuły » Articles in English » GALAHAD - Lee Abraham (interview)
GALAHAD - Lee Abraham (interview)

It is always interesting to interview someone who is not a leader, someone who does not stand in the spotlight. Lee Abraham has joined Galahad only recently and hopefully he will stay there for long because his bass playing is of exeptional beauty. I'd like to invite you to read our interview. You'll find there some information on Lee Abraham and Galahad's tour in Poland. Enjoy

After many perturbations „Empires Never Last” got to the shop shelves. How was this album received?. Are you satisfied with the sales figures?

It has won the UK Classic Rock Society Album of 2007 so you could say it has been received very well. All the reviews we’ve seen have been very positive and the fans have said they like it. As for sales, well you can always sell more copies!

You’ve joined Galahad only recently, what’s your contribution to this album?

I helped write some of Defiance as it was only half finished when I joined, that’s all in terms of actual songwriting, but I was there for just about every studio session and had a lot of my ideas go into the arrangements and mixing, as we all did. Sidewinder in particular turned out very different in the end to how it started when it was first recorded.

Are you guys thinking about a new album?

Yes. Dean, Roy and I already have a few song ideas recorded so plans are underway to get those moved on further during this year.

What are your memories of the concert in Wyspanski theater in Katowice?

Extremely nervous! That was my first gig with Galahad. It was all over very quickly I seem to remember! The venue was beautiful, the crowd were brilliant, the camera crews were very professional – the whole day was just something special.

You’re going to tour Poland in April this year. What do you intend to play? Do you have any surprises for us?

Well Nothing is Written has just been re-released over in Poland so it would be nice to do something off that CD, Aquaba maybe – we’ll see.

How is it that you were steering clear of Poland for so long and now we’re gonna see you in three cities in Poland?

Its not intentional I can assure you! Since the DVD shoot we have made many more friends in Poland and with the new Promoters taking on the older CD’s and releasing them, it seems like the best time is now to get out to Poland and thank the fans for their support. It is very difficult to judge how well received you are going to be in a country before you actually play there. The reception we got in Katowice was both surprising and eye-opening!

Do you agree with the statement that prog rock is doing so well that it hasn’t been in a better condition for a long time?

Absolutely. I think bands such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree etc are really helping the genre reach a younger audience and that is fantastic. It seems that the heavier angle of the genre appeals to the kids which is fine, just as long as prog gets heard and appreciated I don’t mind how its done!

Why did you decide to play bass, can you play any other musical instrument?

I started playing bass when I was 15, my parents wouldn’t let me have a drum kit so I looked for something else to play. I thought guitar would be too hard so I bought a bass. At the same time I took up guitar and a bit of piano, as I found bass quite easy. I can also fiddle about a bit on drums, but I’m most comfortable with either a guitar or a bass.

How did you join Galahad?

I saw an ad on their website looking for a new bass player. I hadn’t played bass in a band for about 5 years at that point having concentrated mainly on guitar, but bass was my first love and of course a chance to play the type of music I love too. I auditioned and played the song Sleepers and was welcomed into the band straight away!

What do you do except for playing with Galahad? Are you committed to any projects?

I have a studio in my garden at home and I’m always very busy recording or mixing other peoples projects and music. I also play in a prog covers band with a few friends (one of the band members is Sean Filkins from Big Big Train), I am also writing and recording a new solo album which will be a follow-up to my 2004 release View from the Bridge.

Do you want to say anything to Polish fans? Now you’ve got a great opportunity to recommend your tour :-)

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy Empires Never Last. We are so looking forward to visiting Poland in April 2008 and welcome the chance to talk to as many of you as possible after gigs – come and say HI!

See you in Poland

Piotr "PM" Michalski
help with translation: Gosia Michalska