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Artykuły » Articles in English » Gurth - Tormentes (review)
Gurth - Tormentes (review)

1. Somnis Lliures (2:50)
2. Cami Sonor (5:43)
3. Coese Que Passen (3:50)
4. La Corrupcio De L'enyor (3:20)
5. Les Caldered D'en Pere Botero (6:04)
6. Les oliveres D'en Joan (5:22)
7. El Patufet Va Amb Vespa (6:32)
8. Tormentes De Diners Amb Fang (5:16)
9. Truita De Tortuga (4:23)
10. Juga'mi (4:55)
11. Sssssxxxhhhh!!, A Dormir (5:34)

Year: 2008
Label: Alonso Castellanos

First of all I need to admit that I find the cover of „Tormentes” distasteful. The obscene collage is probably supposed to deliver some sort of a message because of various suggestive elements included in the artwork. I may guess that it's some kind of a satire on popculture...But I may just guess. Contrary to what may seem from the first line of this review the cover itself didn't discourage me from buying this CD. I thought that if somebody took so much pain to shock the viewers, he needs to have something intelligent to say.

And I was not wrong. Gurth presents a jazz-tinged prog-rock music. What is more, the major part of the album recorded by this Spanish band is instrumental. Remaining compositions included on the album have vocals and the lyrics are in Spanish. It is sounds from the 60s that are an inseparable element of Gurth's music. The bass work is put to the forefront, there are a lot of hammonds, disharmonic solo parts which intensify the overall jazziness of the music. There are also sax and clarinet tunes and other intriguing sounds.

Interestingly enough – although I'm not a great fan of lyrics in other languages than English and Polish, Spanish in Gurth's music is not a problem for me... apart from the fact that I don't have the faintest idea of what they're singing about... and this is to some extent quite a frustrating experience, especially if the album is a complex and ambitious composition. To make things even more interesting I need to mention that the intro to the fifth track begins with lines in English. There is some English on „Juga'mi”, and a lead singer's voice resembling Sting's and Peter Gabriel's style leaves you enchanted! It's one of the best pieces on the album. It's very buoyant and melodious

Although the music made by the Spanish is very difficult and demanding – it's impossible not to take pleasure in listening to it. With all of these grotesquely overdone elements like twisted rhythms and weird melodies, this album is simply interesting. Another point for the band – they don't try to include Spanish folk into prog-rock... sometimes this could be an asset, but if used in an akward way it may spoil the general impression.

„Tormentes” is a good choice for those who like improvisation rather than melodious pieces. Although the message is not quite clear to me and the form was also a difficult way through, after I've listened to it several times I got liking to Gurth's music. At first it was like a novelty, then I picked a few motives and right now I can't imaginethat I'm not listening to the whole album... And one remark – this music is demanding but also engrossing. If you want to indulge in listening to music on „Tormentes”, let nothing and nobody disturb you and I may guarantee that you'll appreciate this album.


Piotr Spyra
Translation: Gosia Michalska