OZZY OSBOURNE - Ordinary Man

BLIND EGO - Preaching To The Choir

SBB - Follow My Dream

BESIDES - Bystanders

GREEN DAY - Father of All Motherfuckers


THY DISEASE - Transhumanism

SOSNOWSKI – The Hand Luggage Studio

HALFORD - Resurrection

YENISEI - The Last Cruise

ORGANIC NOISES - Organic Noises

ATERRA - Utopia

ANNIHILATOR - Ballistic, Sadistic



NO SEASON - Highwires



MANIFEST - ...and For This We Should Be Damned?



SLIPKNOT - We Are Not Your Kind


SLIPKNOT - .5: The Gray Chapter

BABYMETAL - Metal Galaxy

CRAYON PHASE - Two Hundred Pages

CROBOT - Motherbrain

TWILIGHT FORCE - Dawn Of The Dragonstar


Artykuły » Articles in English » CLOUDSCAPE - Mike Andersson (interview)
CLOUDSCAPE - Mike Andersson (interview)
Next month there will be a premiere of Cloudscape's third album. The band always played melodic metal with progressiwe touch. But third album seems to be the most mature dics Cloudscape recorded so far. Global Drama was of course main theme of conversation with leadsinger of the group - Mike Andersson, but there wasn't the only theme – feel free to read the interview below...

Almost every musician claim their latest album, as the best in band's discorgaphy, but i will agree with you if you'll say that Cloudscape just recorded it's best album ;)

Hehehe, well, we really do think that Global drama is our best album this far. I mean, we are proud of all albums we’ve recorded but, when it comes to the songwriting and performance on Global drama we dug deeper into our minds ´creating it with a deeper musical thought so to speak. But, I really hope that we will continue to feel that the ”new” album is the best one to date because, I can’t imagine recording a new album and thinking ”eh, we are releasing our 3rd album but, the second one is the best”. When I compose songs for a new album I always have the ambition to compose the best songs ever. The most important thing is that our fans appreciate our music. There will be fans that will think that Global drama is the best album and there will of course be fans that still will like our first album the most.

What's the difference between previous albums and „Global Drama” in your opinion?

I think that our first album (released in 2005) is more of a melodic metal album where you can hear certain influences. There were a few really old songs on that album as well that was written long before we signed for recordlabels.
Our second album (Crimson skies, 2006) shows a little darker side of Cloudscape but, even more melodic than the first album. But, On Global Drama we show the whole spectra in my opinion. There are metal songs that are rawer and more agressive compared to anything we’ve done before and there are songs that are more atmospheric and dynamic compared to any songs we’ve done before. Global drama is even darker than Crimson skies but, the melodies are still there and it ”sounds” Cloudscape but, with more angles of everything. There are even 2 songs that are up to 10 minutes long on Global drama which are quite progressive. So, personally even if I’m proud of the first 2 albums I can easily say that Global Drama is my favourite album and the most thoughtout album we’ve recorded this far.

Could you shortly say what are the lyrics about at „Global Drama”?

The lyrics on Global drama is about everything that people can relate to and also lyrics in a more brutal or science fiction-like way, hehehehe. All songs are dramatic, all lyrics are dramatic stories in one way or another....well.....= Global drama;)

The case of keyboards in Cloudscape is interesting. You and Bjorn Eliasson are playing all the parts. But keyboards in Cloudscape sounds as good as played by fulltime keyboard player.
How did you divide keyboard parts within two players? And how does it look like at the concerts?

It’s me and Bjorn that composes all music for Cloudscape so, I play the keys on the songs that I have composed and Bjorn plays on his songs.
When we play live we use a backtrack (pre-recorded keyboards). Since we don’t use keyboardsolos or stuff like that we think it’s better for us as a band using a backtrack instead of hiring a keyboardplayer. The 5 of us are close friends since many years back so, I don’t think it would be fair to invite a new member to the band;). We use chord progressions and atmospheric synths and do not use it as a solo instrument so, that’s one of the reasons we decided to have the keyboards in a backtrack instead of letting a keyboardplayer playing it. The thing is that, most of the bands I know of (even bands with a keyboardplayer) use backtracks when it comes to keyboards in order to keep the whole atmosphere of the songs live.

Didn't you afraid including sitar and pipes motives at the album? They are more popular instruments nowadays in metal music... I have to say, that they fits perfect to your tracks, but didn't you hasitate to put them on the album?

No, not at all. I really like the ethnic side of Cloudscape and so far it seems that has become a trademark for the band. I love sitar, flute, pipes, percussion etc etc etc. If I wanna write a song in a certain way, then I just do it without any hesitation;):

What was the reason of changing the label? Weren't you happy with promotion, or simply your contract expired...

Our old label did a good job so, there ain’t no hang ups there. Nonetheless there were a few issues that we weren’t happy with but, that’s between us and that label and we wish them all the best for the future.

I heard, there will be video to „Cloack and daggers” track. Can you tell what is the script of the clip about? And can you tell something about process of filming?

As we speak the video is being filmed in Lofoten in Norway so, unfortunally I cannot tell you very much about it just yet. The band scenes were filmed in a barn in Malmoe (Sweden) but, the whole story, actors and environment is filmed in Lofoten (Norway). It will be finished in a few weeks.

Are you gonna play your own tour in Europe as headliner promoting „Global Drama”? Or mabye you are concentrate on festivals only?

We have already performed at a bunch of festivals and also have a few ahead of us but, when it comes to tours there is nothing planned yet. We really, really wanna tour Europe but, we haven’t got the opportunity yet so, please keep your fingers crossed and spread the word about Cloudscape and I’m sure we’ll tour europe quite soon;). If we’ll tour I do not think we will do it as headliner but, maybe as support to a more well known band.

Did you consider record some live material to put it on DVD?

We are talking about it and we are filming a lot of behind the scenes stuff when we’re on the road to have bonus material but, these things won’t be released until we have recorded a real live DVD so, plans are there but, no details or anything is settled.

How did it happened, that Mattias Noren made your artwork and booklet? Mattias said some time ago, he won't make the artworks anymore... well - for some time ;)

That’s correct. Mattias have quitted ´creating new booklets and stuff but, since we are close friends to him he decided to create Global drama for us;).

You sung in Planet Alliance – allstar project and also in Audiovision... Is it hard to invite you for guest apparence? Or mabye you don't restist such proposals?

If a musician or a recordlabel contacts me for these kind of matters it all comes down to the quality of the music and also what musicians are involved. So, I do not take all proposals since I don’t wanna look like a „session vocalist” because, Cloudscape is my main band and the band I perform live with. I love doing guest appearances and project albums but, it’s all about timing, the music, musicians if I decide to do it etc etc.

I also want to ask you about second Silent Memorial album. In oposit to metioned projects you sung all vocals at the album. Do you know when we can expect release date of this album? What can we expect with this album?

This album will most likely and finally be released at the end of 2008. There are several reasons for the delay considering the music business is what it is today. Silent memorial plays far more progressive music than Cloudscape but, still I think it will appeal to fans of Cloudscape. Many of the songs are a bit like Dream Theater stylewise but, with an own touch;).

Sometimes rock/metal musicians listen to different music just to get distance... What are your musical influences and favourities?

Bands I listen to that don’t play hardrock is „Yes, Incognito, Brand new heavies, Bee Gees, The Trammps, Enigma, Antonio Vivaldi, Hans Zimmer, Toto etc etc etc”

Bands within the metal genre I listen to are „Whitesnake, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Symphony X, Kansas, Rush, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Mercenary, Meshuggah, Porcupine Tree etc etc etc”

Thanks for your time, I hope you will play the concert somewhere in Poland.
What do you want to say to your Polish fans as an outro?

My pleasure. Yes, we hope to rock Poland in a not too distant future:).
To our Polish fans I wish to say that we love all of ya and we hope to meet you on the road. Please check out our new album (Global drama) and spread the word about Cloudscape as much as you can.


Yours sincerely: Mike Anderson (Cloudscape leadsinger)


Questions: Piotr Spyra