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LEVIATHAN - Tobias Dahs (Interview)
My favorite elements from your debut album are folk influences. Are you gonna evolve such climate in the future?

To explore this folk influences has been really great on the album, because they simply open up a lot more options that you can use in your songwriting. And i'm pretty sure that we will keep working with these folk influences in the future. The first song of the “Part 2” actually has a very big portion of folk melodies and guitars in it.

I've noticed you contained a lot of keyboards and acoustic guitars in your music. It sounds brilliant at the album. But what about your concert sound? Do you play much heavier live? Or using samples?

For the live concerts we actually reduce the samples a bit and that probably makes our sound a bit heavier at a live show. On the one hand we feel like it just fits the live situation a bit better to come up with a heavier sound on the other hand it's also a question of the sound quality one the concerts. If you really want to work with a load of keyboard-samples at a concert you would have to have an own sound engineer in order to create a decent live sound which the audience can enjoy. And because we mostly work with local sound engineers at concert, simply because we're still a very small band, we decided to reduce the samples a bit to enable the engineers to create a better live sound for the audience without taking too much of the characteristic keyboards out of the songs.
When it comes to acoustic guitars, that is a lot easier to handle. With some good effects in front of the guitar amplifier you can create an acoustic guitar sound that comes pretty close to the sound that a real acoustic guitar creates.

Your debut album was mastered by Waldemar Sorychta himself!
I just love some of the albums, he produced back in the 90's.
Why did you choose him, instead of some... much modern producers?

The first reason was pretty similar to your reaction, we also loved the productions he did previously. Especially the Grip Inc. albums had an awesome sound.
And the second reason we did choose him was actually because he is not one of those modern producers. If I personally look at the albums that I like in case of sound, I would always go with 90's productions … no matter if it were those produced by Waldemar Sorychta or albums of bands like Death for example. I just love this classical sound much more than the more polished sound that is quite popular today. We really wanted to have that kind of sound for our album and because our recording engineer Michael Haas had already work with Waldemar, we decided to contact him. We are all pretty proud that he put the finishing touches to the record and we are still absolutely happy with the result.

What about your previous recordings? You realized an EP. What it sounded like? Did you change / evolve your music since realizing the EP?

The debut EP “From The Desolate Inside” was actually released in May 2010 and it really got our band rolling. When I look at it now i'm still proud of the result, but we really evolved our sound from the EP to the new album. The EP was actually based a little more in the classical Melodic Death Metal sound, we already had some folk influences and some of the big keyboard arrangements, but they were not as present as on the new album. I actually think that we managed to evolve a sound for the new album that is a little bit more unique. But still the EP delivered a few great songs, that we still love to hear and also to perform live on stage.

Are you gonna play a lot of concerts promoting debut album? Is there such plans to play abroad?

We would love to play as much shows as possible in support of the new album. Unfortunately we were forced to cancel 2 shows in late 2011, because our drummer had an accident at work where he injured his right arm quite serious. But we are back now and already booking more concerts for 2012. We already have our first two shows booked abroad. We will be playing in the Netherlands in May and in September we will be heading to Norway to play on the Hard Anger Open Air Festival there. And we already have had some talks to include some more shows abroad, so we will see what the coming months will bring in that area.

What are your distant future plans?

Well first up is the production of “Part 2” and it's release. Further on we are already collecting material for the album that will follow “Part 2”. And for everything else, we still have the dream to make this band more successful, go on tour and just get our music out to a wider range of people. And we will do our best to achieve this dream.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you luck with the promotion of the album.

We have to thank you very much for the interview and for giving us the opportunity to explain our thoughts on the album. And we also wanted to thank all the readers of Rockarea for the interest in our band!

Questions: Piotr Spyra